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Zorch Factory Records set to pause

Hi all,

The label activity will be OFF for an unlimited amount of time.  
No further releases will be published until then.
All the best to you and thanks for your support! The website remains open.

Cheers Manu/Zorch


Ugo and the Bad Boys' freshest meat, Carnivore!

France's Ugo and the Bad Boys are back with their new EP, "Carnivore"! Kicking the release off with an incredibly motivating instrumental, the EP continues in the spirit of garage post-punk meets Cabaret Voltaire. The "Carnivore" EP's distorted vocals and experimental riffs prove that Ugo and the Bad Boys are capable of successfully playing any genre, sound or mood they like! Be a carcass, be a dead pork and check out "Carnivore"! G.

Download Ugo and the Bad Boys - Carnivore EP here!


Madame B in the shadow of a tree!

"Shadows", the latest release from the unstoppable Madame B, is here! On this release, evocative vocals (occasionally rather early Siouxsie-esque) and distorted, almost experimentally industrial-tribal, percussion are featured alongside calm, acoustic, haunting and minimal tracks. This is another package of unexpected and moody surprises, so I can recommend one thing: (do not) stand in the shadows, LISTEN to the shadows! G.

Download Madame B - Shadows here!


"Modern Crypts", Cold Comfort's anything-but-cryptic post-punk entrance!

Welcome to a new chapter in Ukrainian post-punk, Cold Comfort. Though "Modern Crypts" has a tendency to occasionally sound rather goth, it is an extremely promising post-punk release with all the goodies and melodic melancholy one can wish for. All instruments are in the spotlight and they're all screaming for attention; you can't overhear the bass, just like you can't overhear complimenting synthesizing, percussion, dark and tangy guitar or the old-school vocals. This is an exceptionally well-written and recorded gem, so do us all a favour and love "Modern Crypts" with us! G.

Download Cold Comfort - Modern Crypts now!


A deeper grey ain’t no cabaret!

For those of you who remember Poland's Cabaret Grey and their flawlessly beautiful goth release, "Stirring", you'll be glad to hear they're back, albeit now under the name This Cold. In comparison to Cabaret Grey's "Stirring", This Cold's first EP, "A Deeper Grey", feels slightly rawer and is more along the lines of post-punk, alas do not worry! The vocals are the same and the goodness has not decreased in any way, shape or form. This band will be great, no matter which name they use! G.

Download This Cold - A Deeper Grey EP now!


V/A Shadow Places Vol.3: Different Echoes

The volume 3 of the Shadow Places sampler by portal is now available! 15 tracks by Wieze Fabrik, Voyvoda, Hyoscyamus Niger and many more bands! A great collection of today's dark & post punk music, from Poland and from the rest of the world!

Download V/A Shadow Places, Vol.3: Different Echoes now!


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