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How to apply and submit a record?

The label is looking for bands or solo artists wanting to release exclusive productions. Releasing exclusive material on the label's website and its related pages (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Last.fm...) ensures a large promotion of the record through a great variety of communication channels on the Web and lets you have your own artist page here.

Zorch Factory Records only manages digital releases, no CD, no Vinyl!

Application will be accepted only if the genre and quality of the music sent match the absolutely non-objective tastes of the label's owner. This may be though, but this is the rule!

Don't be angry if you sometimes do not get a quick reply or no reply at all!

The label receives quite a lot of sounds and sometimes it's hard to handle all requests properly. Sorry!

Prerequisites before sending your request

A few technical prerequisites are mandatory to apply.

First of all, the label only promotes "well packaged records". This means the record must be a consistent demo, EP or album. The consistency of the record is very important, as well as the artwork, which is also a mandatory point.

Send an email including all information required:

  • Link to the demo archive file containing the songs in mp3 format, with a minimum quality of 192Kbps. The mp3 files must have their information tags filed in (song position, title, album name and band name at least)
  • Artwork, in png or jpeg format, with a minimum size of 400x400 pixels
  • Website URL if available
  • Other URLs if available (MySpace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Soundcloud...)

There is no use sending a physical version of the record!

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